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My love of dogs started from a very young age, having been brought up with my parents’ breeding cavaliers and running show kennels ‘Rosscrea’. Handling and animal husbandry has always been second nature to me.  I was able to show my parents’ dogs in the ring, winning many awards at championship show level which included Crufts. Furthermore, I was an avid member of the Junior Handling Association and won many awards for Junior Handling.

After finishing school, my passion still very much lied in the canine industry, and I was lucky to have the privilege of working for the famous Molly Coaker at the Homer Brent show kennels with Japanese Chins and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Without her knowledge and teaching I would not be where I am today to which I am forever grateful. Molly realised my ambition to be a dog groomer and allowed me time away from the kennels to train with Gillian East at the London Academy of Grooming, who taught me canine beautician techniques second to none.

I’ve been a dog groomer since 2001. A1K9 was established in 2007, starting out as a small mobile dog business, grooming in people’s homes. This was an excellent stepping stone to achieving my dream of having my own salon, which opened in 2009 in the prime location of Ivybridge – Fore Street – and it continues to build upon its success.

Kelly Hart

Our salon is equipped with a professional state of the art hydrobath which provides the dogs with a relaxing hydro massage, lifting dead cells and dirt away from the skin. This treatment is especially beneficial for older dogs stimulating better blood flow and aiding stiff joints.
We use top of the range products which are suited to the individual dogs needs. Our shampoos are soap free.  We finish each dog with a spritz of baby powder or fruit punch perfume.

At A1K9 your dogs are groomed to a level of excellence.  I do breed standard styling or a cut which is suited to the individual dog and customer’s lifestyle.

The shop is fully air conditioned, ensuring the comfort of the dogs at all times.

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